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New game modes

Jelly mode

Spread the pink jelly by matching candies sitting on the existing pink jelly on the game board. If you fail to cover the whole board with jelly before running out of moves you will fail the level.

Jelly Boss mode

Spread more jelly than your nefarious opponent, the Jelly Queen. Your jelly is pink and the Jelly Queen’s jelly is green. The first to spread their jelly over the required amount of tiles wins!

Puffler mode

Collect the correct amount of Pufflers by removing the frosting that covers them with matching candies. Reveal the whole Puffler to collect it. If only a part of it is revealed it will scurry away and hide somewhere else.

Puffler Boss mode

Find the correct amount of Pufflers first in order to beat Cupcake Carl. Remove the frosting by matching candies. Revealing part of a Puffler makes it move away and hide somewhere else. Revealing the whole Puffler collects it.